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Men and Women-

I ask that you all begin praying everyday from now on for our country's next leader. No matter who it is, we need a change from what we've experienced the past 4 years. If it's Romney, pray that he'll have the wisdom and courage to stand like a man for this country and live a determined life to get this great country back on track. God forbid if it's Obama, pray that he'll have a change of heart and somehow start living his life the American way and that he'll stand up for Americans and our freedom. Pray everyone, our country desperately needs this. We need a leader our children can look up to and admire. We need a leader who is proud to be an American and who is ALWAYS ready to tell everyone that. We need a leader with good morals and great ethical values who will live by them as well.

Most importantly, get out and talk to your neighbors, your family, your friends. Find out how they feel about each candidate. Do your best to talk them into voting for what they feel is right and to NOT give in to one party in particular. Ask them to really focus on the issues at hand, not how they have always voted in the past. That doesn't matter. Obama is right, we do need a change... a change BACK in the right direction.

"Lord our Father, please guide and protect the next man that will be our President of these United States of America. I pray that you will give him the courage to stand for You and for this great country. I pray that you will give him the ability to act with good morals and to remember to pray to You on important decisions. I pray that the candidates for this office not fill our homes with lies and questionable antics, but the truth. I pray that who ever our next leader is, that You would take over their life and steer them in the right direction. Help them to make good decisions and to remember their decisions effect alot of families and people. Most importantly Lord, please let our next President be someone our children can look up to and admire for their ability to lead like a man should. Help our families and friends vote for the person that will best serve you. After all, that is why we are on this earth, TO SERVE YOU. In Your name we pray, Amen."
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