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thinking about hanging it up

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:sad:The way my luck is going I'm thinging about giving up bow hunting. I don't get to see many deer and the ones I see aren't close enough to shoot at. Then you have the excessive number of coyotes in the area that ruin an area for days before the deer come back. I don't know what to do. I 'm going to have to think long and hard about what I'm going to do. Any suggestions
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shoot the coyotes all summer. If you are seeing the deer they can be gotten to with a bow. use all the tools in the bow hunting tool box.
shoot the coyotes all summer. If you are seeing the deer they can be gotten to with a bow. use all the tools in the bow hunting tool box.
agreed...get rid of the yotes and you'll have much more success with deer. Also, not sure how you're hunting, but try hunting funnels or in thick cover (like cedars or close to bedding areas) where you can get closer. Just don't hang it up!
deffently shoot as many coyotes as you can...
the property I hunt is full of cedars that are so thick you can hardly see daylight. This is where they bed some of the time, but they also do use some trails for travel to and from food. I have set a ground blind on a travel route, but it has been messed with by the coyotes. I also have a tree stand up in the corner of the property next to a hard wood bottom area that is on the ajoining property. I have had alot of pictures from the deer moving in and out, but the coyotes were in around that stand too. NEED TO KILL ME SOME COYOTES!!!! Probably what I will do next friday evening.
I think everybody has issues with coyotes one time or another. But you are in KANSAS. Yes KANSAS.
bow hunting

Yea you need to kill as many coyotes as possble. I have killed many deer with a bow by doing some light rattleing and soft grunts in around late september it sounds silly but it works just imagine your a couple of young bucks playing. My brother-in-law actually shot a nice 8 pointer this year with a bow on sep 19th by doing this method.
I have tried rattling and using grunt tube and doe bleats. But have had no success to this point with these tools. I also had out 2 decoys today, 1 buck and 1 doe. Had a small spike come in today but he ran like the wind when he saw the buck decoy. I think if the buck had been bigger he might have come in a little closer for a shot. After the buck ran I went out and removed the antlers from the buck so that it looked 2 does. Don't know if I'll put the decoys out next weekend.
Coyotes and feral hogs have really put a hamper on me this year too.:wallbash: I've got two tags left and then it's gonna be he!! on hogs time. I know a varmit hunter/pelter that has time for the rest after season closes. If I wasn't on night shift this year me and these coyotes would be spending alot of time together. We BBQ'd two hogs last weekend for a local deer camp and it was good but it still ain't deer steak and homemade biscuits.
i would keep killing those coyotes untill there is no more left, but what are they doing to molest your archery hunt exactly, just curius.
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