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Western Kentucky has some of the biggest bucks in the U.S. and we have your opportunity to take one of those home,we hunt four different farms in Hopkins co.,the farms
are on the trade water river,and the famous clear creek. Farms have corn and soybean on them or bordering them,also run corn feeders,have over 30 stands,box's,tripods,ladders and lock ons,
and if need be we will climb a tree. if the deer are moving you will see deer,the weather and rut
has a big play with the big boys,But will are only booking two hunts for 2011, Nov.16th-19th
and Nov. 20th -23rd. 6 hunters per hunt. they are always rutting active this time of year.
our lodge has lots of room,we have pool table,cards tables,and dish TV, Meals are not included
everyone usually pitches in on cooking and cleaning.(restaurant are a short drive also)
The great thing about KY is you can still buy license over the counter. Our success rate
is as good as it gets for fair chase Trophy Whitetails !

2011 prices for this hunt is $1000 this does not include license they are $190 NR

contact: Scott Bryant
[email protected]
The Hunt Connection


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