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The Glorious 12th

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The 12th of August is a big day over here,it is the start of the grouse shooting season but falling on a Sunday the season will proberbly start on Monday the 13th.It is the day when the wealthy folk go on to the moors and try to shoot as many grouse as they can.I say wealthy folk because it is very expensive and mere mortals like me can't afford it,it is the sport of royalty and millionaires.
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go show them snobbies how its done
If I lived in England I definitely would not be able to be a part of the grouse shoot.
Ghost we would be the guys retrieving their birds(lol)
Im a broke man as well so I guess I will retrieve with you fellows.

Yall are talking about how much it cost but you never said a price. Whats it cost to go shoot these grouse?
As Broke as we all may be I bet we could outshoot the best of them! :thumbup:
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