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The doe that was supposed to be there before

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Sorry about that, the files are attached now. As I was saying, she looks very unhealthy to me and I am thinking of taking her down and sending the body to be checked. I haven't heard of any CWD in my area but something is definetly wrong because there is plenty of food here.


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Have you seen fawns with her? If so, how many? Have you ever observed her in the field? i would not try to draw too many conclusions from the pics. You may have the right to be concerned about here health, but there are many things that will make a deer look like this besides CWD. I would try to go and watch her in the field. From my understanding a deer affected by CWD will not act normal at all. If you still have concerns after watching her sure...take her out and get that sucker tested. I just wouldn't go around spreading word about it until you are sure.
hard to tell with these pics but from what I do see I dont see anything that would alarm me to her health other than she's a little on the lightweight side right now but now is when she may start fattening up.
And I agree with flexj, if cwd was part of the problem she would be acting wierd and may even be staggering while walking but if you're not comfortable with how she acts or her appearance then it wouldnt hurt taking her out and getting her to a Biologist for an examination.
Hard to tell with the pic
Body looks good the neck looks funny
We have one doe that we will take out if she gets in front of us
Just to get her out of the breading population
I didnt notice anything to alarming. You will have to check her out live and then see what you think.
Body looks good the neck looks funny

I agree... maybe she got hit by a car or something and is struggling to eat or something. May have a broken jaw or something and can't open her mouth.

DARE I SAY you have a Moultrie M80??????????? Good choice!
I'm still saying she has a broken neck or something.... obviously not anything that is keeping her from walking, but definately from eating as much as she can. That 2nd pic her neck looks funky. I'd take her out regardless, in my eyes, she's hurting and it's the ethical thing to do.
she doens't look too bad. heck , florida deer look like that all the seriously she looks alright. can see some ribs but her hams look fine. no real hip bones showing.
Maybe she part giraffe that's why her neck looks funny.
I see enough that i would be cautious about killing it and consuming the meat. That doe has some kind of problem.
I see her almost every day grazing with the other does. If I do take her out I am just going to hand her over to be checked out. And yes it is a Moultrie 80
I see her almost every day grazing with the other does. If I do take her out I am just going to hand her over to be checked out. And yes it is a Moultrie 80

Good choice in camera-- i love mine so far.

I'd call your local game warden and ask him/her about what to do with the doe. I'm still betting she got hit by a car and lived to tell about it.
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