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The decoys worked!!!!!!!! Big buck!

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18 yrds with a Mathews and a 100gr Muzzy and this is what I have!

He was chasing a doe and lost sight of the doe and saw my decoys (buck and doe)...he came in like a freight train, and the rest is history!

Go buy some decoys, I would've NEVER had a chance at this guy without them. It was like something you see on TV. It happened so fast so I didn't even have time to get nervous


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good for you your hard work and determination paid off.thats what life is all about.That is a beautiful deer and your smile says it all.Enjoy it you earned it:thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:
Thanks Joel! It's sure nice when a plan comes together:yes:

I'm hoping I can get to sleep tonight, I'm so pumped up...

Thanks again!
Very nice buck... :pickle: congrats.. Glad the decoys paid off for you.. Your gonna have to put that pic in our "big rack room" gallery. we dont want pics like that to get buried in the forums never to be seen again.

Get some sleep.. You can excite back up everytime you look at that pic.
Congratulations !!!! that's an awesome deer. GO DECOYS !!! :w00t:

Can you give some details on how you set up the decoys and did you use any scents/lures.
VERY VERY nice deer!
congrats, great buck! please put some specifics like bruce said. nice pic also.
First off, sorry for the huge pic. My photoshop 5.5 won't open for me to downsize the pic:ranting:

Here's how it went...

I got in my treestand late at around 4:30pm. I wasn't going to go because we were having dinner for my daughter's 14th birthday...I figured I could be home by 6:30 and that would be ok with them

Anyways, I saw this buck way off in the didatnce chasing a doe. I was certain they would not make it my way since for the past three days I've seen other bucks in the same field chasing does and they always went the opposite direction. This time the doe came to my right and got behind me in the woods and the buck lost sight of her. I was locked and loaded ready for the buck to come behind me when all of a sudden I heard a grunt out to my right....there he was!!! Right in the wide open field running at my decoys!!!

I had my decoys (buck and doe) out in from of my stand at 18yrds...quartering away with the buck only a few feet behind the doe with the doe's tail halfway up. Scents obviously didn't matter for this situation but I did spray some estrus on the ground around the doe decoy. I also put the big set of antlers on the buck decoy. I had noticed over the past few days that these bigger bucks were pretty tolerant of the little bucks....matter of fact, this buck I got was hanging out with this little 6 pointer, or probably vice/versa.

I might add that I never touched these decoys without latex gloves

When the big buck came running in I literally had to make the "Bahhh" sound to get him to stop his charge....I seriously believe he was gonna plow the thing over!! That was it...I knew he was at 18yrds and he stopped perfectly broadside and I let it fly using my 20yrd pin and hit dead center behind the shoulder....just an unbelieveable feeling!!!

I felt like a celebrity when I took him to check him in, everyone wanted pictures and were high fiving me:thumbup: My buddy's called their buddys, and there buddy's called their was just awesome!

Thanks for the responses! Good luck to all of you...I'm gonna take a few weeks off, catch up on some work, and get ready to kill some does:thumbup:
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Great deer! Congrats.
Great job, great shot, great pic, great story, and WOW great deer. That is truly awesome!!!!
Congrats onthe deer! He's Nice... Good to hear a success story, sounds like a great hunt.
That story pumped me up!! What a nice buck!! Congrats
great looking buck...with a great plan ...job well done
congrats on a very nice buck. is it an ohio buck? wmi and i are talking about a hunt in Ohio but its just in the beginning stage. congrats again.
What a nice buck! When everything goes right it's a dream that lasts a lifetime. Good Job!
Man that's nice!!!!:shocking::shocking::thumbup:
congrats on a very nice buck. is it an ohio buck? wmi and i are talking about a hunt in Ohio but its just in the beginning stage. congrats again.
Yeah, it's from Ohio. I got him in Bath Township in Summit county (Akron)

Thanks guys for the compliments! I guess we all have a 'plan' when we go out hunting, and we always expect our plan to work for us. This was just one of those days that the 'plan' worked absolutely PERFECT!:wink:

What you don't know is that I put MANY hours into the stand for a couple weeks solid...every morning and every evening. Luck would just have it that a big guy would eventually see my buck decoy trailing a doe decoy and get all ticked off:boxing:

Thanks again guys, and best of luck to you!
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