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Well hello again everyone who reads this! I just wanted to write a little something on here about the cross and the manger. This year, unlike any other of my 30 years on this earth, I have come to really focus on the true meaning of Christmas. Sure, in the past I knew the real meaning of Christmas, but I never focused solely on it. One thing I have learned by doing this is to remember the cross when thinking about the manger. The reason this is important, is because not only was Christ's birth a miracle that only GOD could pull off, but his death and resurection were also miracles. You see, Jesus was born to a virgin, which to us humans, this is impossible. That's why it's so hard for people to understand this. It's never been done before, except to Mary. GOD chose Mary because Jesus was to lead a sin-free life. Being born to a virgin, was the beginning to his perfect life. Many scientist and philosophers don't believe this ever happened, and it couldn't have happened unless there some some higher force involved. Well there was... and HE is our GOD. That's who made it happen! Jesus Christ was born to a virgin because GOD made that miracle happen!
The other reason to remember the cross while thinking about the manger is this. If Jesus would've died on that rugged cross and then just went to heaven to stay, there would've been no resurection. The resurection is the whole reason we believe in JESUS CHRIST! His resurection was a miracle! How awesome would it be to begin and end your life with a miracle! Actually, we all do begin our lives with a miracle, conception, to birth is a miracle that no one in science can fully explain! GOD makes us who we are!! That's why we're all different in so many ways! Our death is also sort of like a miracle. For those of us who are Christians, we get to finally meet our maker, The LORD! How awesome it will be to be in his presence!
So I ask you, and challenge you this Christmas, to please remember the cross, remember what he went through while on this earth, for you and me. He went through a lot in his 33 years on this earth! He went through things that we can't even imagine! How great it would've been to be alive back then and hear his teachings! WOW!!
GOD loves you, no matter what. Remember that. No matter what you've done, how badly you failed, or who you've hurt. GOD loves you and is ready for you to come back to him for forgiveness. All you have to do is ask!
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