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The Barta way

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Well, I have decided to hunt the hard way, the Barta way for the rest of the season. I will be shooting off the ground with the recurve. Spot and stalk, face paint, no homemade wooden arrows though...I don't have those skillz. Just looking for a challenge this december, and thought this sounded fun. We'll see if this 192lbs. of blue twisted steel can run an arrow through a deer with the recurve.:biggrin::ph34r:
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good luck to you. That sounds fun. In nc we have been in gun season since oct 15, and I havent even taken it out of the closet. Had too much fun with the challenge of bow hunting and having one come in within yards. Its exhilirating
yea,,,,,,,,,,,,, I don't think i got what it takes to deal with that. first off I can't hit a wall if i were standing in the building with out sights. enjoy. hope it works out for ya.
You are the man. I have not the patience or the skill level to hunt this way. Good luck!!
Oh, come on doesn't take skill, just repetition. My comfy yardage right now is only about 12 yards. That does limit the shot opportunities, but still should be good. Anyone can use a recurve or longbow...just learn how to gap shoot. It's fun.
The skill would not be what got me.. It would be the patience.. I am the first to admit I am probably the worlds worst hunter off the ground.. Cant sit long and move to much. Put me in a stand and all that changes. Ill sit till the buzzards start circling my head.

Im sure the recurve/longbow would be a blast to shoot.
cool hope ya get one im ground hunting if i get out this year
It takes a little planning, but ground blinds can be just as comfy as the treestand. I will usually carry a folding chair and use a ground blind made of the natural cover. Sometimes this is just cutting a hole in a red cedar tree, and sometimes it uses an oak (especially the ones with multiple trunks work well). Bushes, clumps of saplings, stumps, whatever cover is available will work. Where I bowhunt is down in the canyon with the oak leaves about a foot thick this time of year, so it is important to be there early, but those leaves are also an early warning device for approaching deer.:yes:
the kid in me loves to build ground blinds,fort anyone?.i have some great ones scattered about i carry a small folding stool that a tripod style from ameristep. i used to use buckets but they crack from the cold and get taken plus i dont want to encourage someone to use my spot by giving them a seat:unsure: i try to take advantage of boulders and deadfalls,then i build em up with all the downed wood.i build em after the season when im doing my late winter scouting,gives the deer pleanty of time to get used to the setup.i got an old pearson longbow i would love to try hunting with,just worried it might snap and it was given to me by someone who has long since passed away soooo
Spent the weekend building ground blinds in a couple spots, and also ended up moving two tree stands in for closer shots. Looking forward to getting my first with the recurve. I have hunted with it for years, and only got comfortable with one shot (then I hit a branch). Maybe this will be my year. I have some good places for spot and stalk for the days that has a chance to work, but I will plan on spending time waiting in the stands too.
I shot T/D recurves for several years till the neck/shoulder problems prevented me from traditional hunting anymore. I first used a Jim Brackenbury bow 64" with a 31" draw @ 64#, there's no way I could shoot that thing again. Sold everything a few years ago, anyway all memories now, good luck hunting the old way and hope you connect!

Conditions were perfect saturday morning for a spot and stalk bow hunt, so it began:

A cold, damp morning with constant wind about 5-10mph made it suitable for a stalk through the canyon. I took the long way around to keep the wind in my face, so it took about 20 minutes more than usual to get there. I knew there were several spots I wanted to check, so I planned accordingly and took off to the most downwind spot. As soon as I ducked into the woods I heard some steps/rusling in the leaves. It was coming from the area I expected to see deer in, so of course I get excited. I had cleared my stalking trail a few days prior, and that allowed me to sneak in without a sound. When I got ~80 yards away I could see the deer...right there where they are supposed to be. It was perfect, but there were several of them in there. The next 50 yards was slow going. After probably 30 minutes I had closed the gap to 30 yards, but there was a gap in the cover that would surely expose of course it's belly crawl time. I only had about 10 yards to reach the cedar that would hide me enough for the shot. Somehow one of the does saw or heard me and went on alert. The deer bounded off, but only went about 20 yards. They apparently didn't get too good of a look, and the wind was right so they couldn't smell me. I did end up getting to the tree and getting a good look at the deer...two small does and a spike, but they stayed out about 40 yards and on alert. My stalk on these deer was over. That was a close one...I don't think I would have shot any of these deer anyway, but it was good practice for when the right deer is there! After these deer finally left I checked the other places, but no deer there. That was exciting. I finished the day by shooting about 50 arrows into the hay bales. (then digging the bales apart to retrieve the arrow that slid between them):rolleyes:
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If your going to do a Tred Barta, your going to have to shoot at anything and everything, miss constantly and generally give bowhunting a bad face.
If it were me I would've called it a successful hunt even without taking a deer. I couldn't get that close to a deer for the life of me. Good hunting flex!!!!!!
If your going to do a Tred Barta, your going to have to shoot at anything and everything, miss constantly and generally give bowhunting a bad face.
BAD TASTE. You don't kick at a man when he is down. I will leave it at that.
Sounds like a sweet hunt to me. You have the patience and are working on the stalking skills. Want be long till you bring something home. Like TG said you got closer than most would have.
thats a good stalk. Next time it may go your way.
If your going to do a Tred Barta, your going to have to shoot at anything and everything, miss constantly and generally give bowhunting a bad face.
You obviously don't understand traditional archery...(erased a mean comment)

I love the way Tred sticks to his traditional methods. He has taken some very impressive animals with his longbow, and I don't appreciate your comments.

Please go away!:boxing:
OK guys keep in mind this is a family site and it's ok to agree and disagree whether you like Tred or not.
Before any more is said I think we should reflect on his struggles since he's been struck down by a spinal cord stroke.
Tred himself now speaks differently about his hunts, he no longer brags about the trophy, now he boasts about the journey.
It shouldn't take a life-threatening disease to make us understand and see how valuable each day is,
we have to enjoy our days because our tomorrows are not guaranteed.
Each of us should include Tred and his family in our prayers, after all he is a regular ole' hunter just like the rest of us....
Missed my shot on what was probably my buck of a lifetime. This great buck came by at first light last saturday, and I shot right under him. I had previously ranged the trail at 15 yards in front of me, and I thought he was on that trail...ended up he was about 10 yards further just picking his way through the brush. It is hard to see the trail...especially in first light situations. My bad...just a crappy deal. I moved my stand and dumped about 500 pounds of corn later that day and haven't been back since. This coming weekend is the last chance for the year, so hopefully I will see him or another good buck to take.
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