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Tenn vs. Cal

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any predictions out there. tenn beat the dookey out of them last year at home. cal still remembers that too. i think it will be a very tough game for the vols this time around. i beleive in most spreads they have Cal picked to win by 5. i gotta go with my vols though.

Tenn 31
Cal 20


Thats hoping tenn defense is tough and up to the challenge. with cutcliffe as our offensive coordinator still i think we will score some points.
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tenn defense was horrible and special teams was no better. i was right on one score i picked though. tenn ended up with 31 points. its just the other score that i was horribly wrong on. cal had 45.
Dude - if UT doesn't find someone to cover WRs, FL is gonna run up and down the field like Cal did.

...and I don't see UT hanging 35 or 40 on the gators.
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