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Tenn gets blasted!!!

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Florida tore us up. Or rather we also tore ourselves up. Lots of mistakes. Its getting crazy with TN football.. This is going to be a tough year.. Im expecting loses at Auburn and Alabama for sure.. And all the other games are possible loses.. Someone may get fired if it gets much worse.
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If old fat Fulmer would get fired in my opion it would be the best thing that ever happened.
Cool another Tennessee member.. Welcome.. I dont think it would hurt any ones feelings if we went after a coach like the caliber FL, AL, and GA have on their staff.
It's a sad state of affairs when Vandy is playing with more heart than UT.

On an unrelated note, nice to see the Titans at 4-0. :pickle: Didn't see that one coming.
I have grown up supporting the big orange all my life....however, when I really look at the program (esp since 1998) we haven't done anything. Every team knows what we are going to, run, run, run,...maybe an incomplete some more.

Fulmer lets the team just do as they please. He is no coach. He has no way of firing up the team and has no reason too...he is making money no matter what happens....well that was until last year.

Many of the big supporting alumni have threatened to pull their sponsorship of the team if they can't seem to win. They make a good point....we always have a lot of great talent, but yet we are not (at the moment) a program that can use that talent to better our team. Last year they said if Fulmer didn't beat Arkansas then they would stop support for the team until he was gone. We squeaked by all of last season...did just well enough. This year with a new contract, there is suppose to be a clause in there that says that if Fulmer fails to win at least 8 games by a considerable amount, then he will be looking for another job.

Fulmer has blamed everyone on his staff for years....when they got rid of our offensive coordinator, he went to Kentucky....guess what they were a contender for a big BCS game after having a GREAT season. So Fulmer started blaming Chavis (who is very lacking as a defensive head coach) but then our defense has been looking better....who else is left to blame? Look at Alabama this year....they got a new head coach who knows how to lead a team and guess what....they are unstoppable.

Big Orange Football has fallen off the face of the SEC....we are not even being mentioned anymore...

Oh yeah and this year they started charging students for tickets rather than giving them for if you notice, a lot of us UT students are not there anymore....the Orange Nation (the student football/basketball organization) is starting to can see a lot of open bleachers in where we used to be....

My question, how long will they let this go on?
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Wow, that is some deep info about the team. Seems like you really have a grasp on the situation down there.
Well said tnrebel.. In the past Tenn has been able to recruit the best in the league and win ball games with no development of their players. Now recruiting is alot of tougher. And other coaches in the SEC are developing. Recruiting getting tougher is very noticeable when 1A schools are starting to lose every year to a non BCS squad. There is alot of talent everywhere. Now fulmer cant win with just recruiting. He has to also develop. Which he stinks at. What I cant stand about Chavis is the fact that he has a great secondary but they are always playing a prevent style defense and are 20 yards downfield of the play. Turn Eric Berry lose every now and then. The guy is awesome but all he will be remembered for at UT is the fact that he had 10 billion tackles after the other team already gained 15 yds.

Ok Im done. I will always bleed Orange but its time for a change to a modern day Coach that can recruit, fire up and also develop the talent that comes in. Crompton was like the 2nd rated passer in the nation coming out of high school. What happend there?
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