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My Triumph Is A Shooter!

I've been shooting a new .50 Triumph for about a month now (with the Weather Shield), and have been extremely happy with it.

I shoot some pretty stiff loads - 110- and 120-grain charges of Blackhorn 209. And the rifle has produced a high percetnage of 1-inch-class hundred yard groups with several different saboted bullets.

Perhaps it is due to the Weather Shield coating...but it does load tighter than other .50 caliber rifles I also shoot. One solution has been to use the "Crush Rib" sabots offered by Harvester Muzzleloading. Compared to the fit of "standard" sabots, these do load significantly easier...but still snugly. Harvester's Scorpion PT Gold bullets, Parker Productions Ballsitic Extreme bullets, and Barnes flat-based T-EZ bullets - all loaded with the "Crush Rib" sabot - shoot superbly out of my rifle.

Toby Bridges
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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