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TC Renegade Project

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Got the stock from one of my forum members as he no longer used it due to the barrel rusting badly during storage. I purchased a .50cal barrel for it last week for $65 and it fit the bill nicely.

Here it is,

i currently have stripped the stock, reshaped it a good deal to remove the square look it had and now and applying 20 coats of Truoil before i knock it down to a satin finish.

The wood is absolutely AMAZING once i got it sanded down and smoothed out. I did a great deal of steaming to remove dents and scratches and it made for a beautiful stock in the end.

Just wet the stock with water to show the wood grain i found under the ugly finish that was on it LOL.
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I knew it finally came over to the TC side! :ibtl: :ibtl: :ibtl: :ibtl:
Congratulations FrontierGander, I'm glad you've seen the light and entered the Quality Muzzleloader, Buyers Club, :thumbup:
Now If we can only get you to go for the Gold and buy a top O' the line Traditions, you'll be all set! :w00t:
Well she looks beautiful this morning! Rubbed 2 coats of truoil into the stock last night and so this evening i will wet sand with 600grit and give her a couple more coats tonight. This is always the slow part LOL.
Got half of the barrel browned and it looks sharp with the browned trim and half brown barrel LOL.

Just have to finish up the stock with truoil tomorrow and then dull it down for a satin finish and its done.
Kinda nice to see walnut in a rifle, something the others cut cost on. Nice looking stock.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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