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TC Omega Z5

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Anyone know if this is a good deal or not. Brand new TC Omega Z5 in the box with the brown/rosewood laminated stock, comes with all papers and small acessories packet. $300.00. I'm not up on the Omega line from TC but its a nice looking ML. Thanks for any info.
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I'm not sure about the laminate stock kit but the Synthetic stock version with the premium pack at the sportsmansguide is only $ 322.17
I'm sure the wooden laminate stock version is going to be a little more..
Thanks BB! I was thinking it sold maybe for $379.00 but just a guess. very nice looking stock!
that is a good deal. i would jump on it if i had that chance
It's the first time seeing the rosewood laminated stock. My knight has a similar stock but with some green/tanish color also. The laminated stocks are probably a bit more stable than single wood stocks. But it's hard to beat a nicely grained walnut stock! I let the auction expire as I didn't know at the time if this was a good buy. Maybe missed a decent buy?
I paid $339.00 for a Z-5 with a weathshield barrel, realtree ap stock and a case. Not a bad deal if you ask me and those laminate stocks are pretty nice looking.
Love My Z5

I just bought a Z5 and absolutely love it. It's got the blued barrel and black synthetic stock. I bought a 2009 leftover with the premium pack and only paid $224 new. I put a 3-9X40 scope on and it shoots 1" groups at 100 yards. The laminated stock will be more but it's a great deal on a great gun.:yes:
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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