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barnes spitfire

Juat purchased a new T/C Triumph. Went to range to site in and had all sorts of trouble loading the Spit Fires. 2nd one lodged and I had to take the breech plug out to drive out. Barnes said to call Knight and get their blue sabots. Suppossedly load much easier. Also cosidered using bore butter, but T/C says shoot a dry sabot. Anyone have experience in this area?
Use the barnes spitfire t-ez. Not the t-mz.They have a smaller diameter sabot and are made for tighter barrels such as the tc muzzle loaders. Same bullets with different size sabots. You will find that these will push in your barrel with ease. They do have the blue sabots.Can buy these about anywhere. Midway.cabelas bass pro.ect. Extremely accurate out of my cva accura v2 .My best is a .750 3 shot group at 100 yd. Good Luck
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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