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Surgery results

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Well I am typing one handed. More was wrong than suspected with my left shoulder Doc removed one inch of my left collar bone, repaired a torn rotator cuff, and removed the bursa. They did a nerve block of my left arm, my fingers, and hand are numb so it is like my left arm is paralized right now.

I just took the first oxicodone, because pain is hitting me now, but also have bag of ice on my shoulder.

Just wanted to let all of you know.
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im sorry to hear that... oxicodine is nice i was on that when my right shoulder got yanked clean out of the socket... but all in all i hope u make a great recovery, hopefully u can shoot ur bow/gun soon again... just keep fighing and recover fast :boxing:
Get Well! Excercise is key, they call me Capt. Crunch, I am superglued together. You just say, " I can I can.
Ouch! Just follow doctors orders. It's bad enough to have that surgery but durring deer season. double ouch!!
ride the sofa for awhile and heal up properly
From recent experience talking, just take it easy. I didn't and now am paying for it. 3-4 days and major pain will start to let up. I hope your recovery goes quick. Ice works wonders after 45 minutes. I packed my neck in ice 3-4 times a day for the first week and it did help. Thats some strong pain med your on, be careful. Good luck on that rehab!
Good advice above.. Hope everything goes well..

And one of the good things about deer hunting.. There's always a next season.
really sorry to hear that man..... take her easy for a while and dont rush anything or you might be paying for it later on
Send me your cell number and I will send you pics from my tree stand to help you through the healing process. I do it to Ronn all the time just to torment him.LOL:biggrin:
Pain... let me tell you about a new level of pain. I'm just glad I got my whitetail buck on Saturday, and just look at the picture and get a big ol grin on my face.
Man that sounds like a whole lot of stuff jacked up in your shoulder. I have shoulder pain deep inside both shoulders along with elbow wrist and of course, knuckles. But the surgery was to get rid of the pain and I hope you recover quickly and get back to hunting. Good Luck!!!
You know when the hospital asks your pain level from 1-10, there should be another scale for post surgery pain, 20-100.:crybaby:
You know when the hospital asks your pain level from 1-10, there should be another scale for post surgery pain, 20-100.:crybaby:
and they have that chart with the smiley/frowing faces what a joke ya think they could come up with something better:rolleyes:
and they have that chart with the smiley/frowing faces what a joke ya think they could come up with something better:rolleyes:
In pre op they showed me that chart and well I laughed at it..... when the pain control people called after surgery and my wife told them I am in alot more pain than 7.5 Hydrocodone is gonna handle, they said that was pretty well it. Ah we were told to call if it was not enough.......:ranting:

Finally got my first shower and dressing change tonight, had to wait 48 hours.... oh this hurts :wallbash::wallbash:

I did get a little bit of sleep but it worked like a power nap, and now I'm awake... I figure it's 12:16am and gonna get woke up again at 2am for my meds again.

I know it will get better as time moves on.
yep it definately alters your routine big time.hope ya got cable or satalite kick back and watch some hunting shows
Good news is the pain will ease up day by day. I slept in the lazyboy for 4 nights before i could sleep in bed. Resist the temtation to do anything untill the doc says so. Hope you feel better soon.
I hate for anybody to mess with sleep, money, or hunting! Sounds like you lost all three in one whack. Maybe this comment will find you in a least less pain. Taking care of yourself now can make a big difference later. One Superman moment and you may be back in there next deer season. Man that would suck! Take it easy and be careful with that hillbilly heroin it is very addictive but works well when needed. :coffee:
Best of luck with your recovery. Have had my share of surgeries and know what you are going through. Have another one scheduled for january to get 3 permanent rods in my foot to try and subside my arthritis (I am 19 and have it bad already from a football accident). GET OFF PAINKILLERS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!! A good family friend was on the same stuff as you after exploding a foot (literally) and got hooked. Said he woke up shaking and would crush one, lick his finger and then swipe his tongue and would stop the shakes in 20 seconds. He refuses to ever take that strong of medicine again as it was he#! getting off the stuff without anything but his willpower. Get on over the counter stuff as soon as possible, as tough as it is it is the best thing for you because it can happen fast.

Best wishes in your recovery and hope all goes well and fast. Get back out in the woods soon.:thumbup:
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Well I'm already down to just taking the meds once a day, and that is just before I go to sleep to aid in me sleeping..... dang it's 01:19am and ah it aint working.

Well but I am down to 99% free of the meds now.

I will be starting PT on Dec 3rd which will run 3 X for 4 weeks for now.

Coffee is still good at this time of day :biggrin:
"We can rebuild him,faster,stronger......."a little joke for us older guys.:wink:
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