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Surgery on the horizon

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My PA hunting trip hype has been brought down a notch or two as I was informed I'll need surgery when I get back to do some plumbing repair work. Because the test was today I won't know what all it involves until I talk with the surgen but I'm not looking forward to it. Knew I hadn't been feeling well since early this year but wasn't expecting the need to do some cutting. Machinery is breaking down :crybaby:
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Good luck with your surgery and I hope you feel better.
Yeppers us ole relics do break down over time but we only stumble we dont fall and even if we do fall, we get right back up continue the journey
Keep us posted hm, we'll be sure to keep you in our prayers..
just a tune up hm. no sweat enjoy the season and then take care of'll b fine.god bless
To all my online buddies, thanks for the kind words! :yes:
You got to do what you have to do. There will be other hunting trips. Good luck with the surgery.
good luck on the surgery i kind of know what you might be feeling i need surgery on my rotater cuff and sholder but im holding off till after hunting season the whole thing just stinks because i have to use shooting stixs this year no free hand shots any way good luck and god bless
Sorry to hear that HM buddy. Hope all goes well and you get better quickly friend.
I'll be praying for your HM. Good luck
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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