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Surefed deer feeds. Anyone heard of it?

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I was wondering if anyone has had any experience using Surefed deer feeds. They make a product called Super Rack. Its a 20% all weather pelleted feed. Surefed is a Texas based company and they make the feed in Brady, TX. Not sure if its sold very far away from Tx. At 13 bucks per 50#, It appears to be a little more expensive that the average deer feed. If anyone has had any experience using this stuff, please let me know. It seems to look like some pretty good stuff and any feedback would be helpful. Thanks.
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I only live a couple of counties over from Brady and haven't heard of it. I will certainly start asking about it when getting back home from this trip. Have plans to keep the deer fed throughout the year (water too) and was wondering how to supplement the corn I was using last year.

Thanks for the suggestion!
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