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supreme court

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Thank the lord they did the right thing. Now just got to get the OVERLY restrictive laws changed including the ones in DC.:pickle::pickle::pickle::pickle:Can't do any more daning here but I am in my house.
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:pickle::pickle::pickle::pickle: Praise the lord!
Ronn, the ones in DC were nullified with the ruling if I read right. The ban on handguns was shot down and the laws on trigger locks and disassembly of firearms were thrown out also.
I wasn't sure they would do the right thing after some of the decisions they have come up with lately. But they got this one right!:pickle:

I really can't believe that the Gun control nuts actually took this to the supreame court. They have now validated what gun rights people have been claiming all along, that we have a constitutional right to own firearms.

This is truely a great day.
It is a great day indeed for all americans, not just for us gun owners but for all Americans...

This decision shows all of us that the Supreme Court still defends the Constitution of these United States as it was written by our founding fathers.

Because of this decision I stand a little taller and shine a little more Pride as an American citizen.

God Bless Us All.

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Well said Bruce. I'm 110% with you on that. Buckshot it was a gun, want to be owner, that took it to the supreme court. He along with a couple others sued for their right to have a hand gun in their home in DC. Now they still can't own an semi autos or carry but that will probably be next and is a more local issue from the fed perspective i'll bet, and you will see these laws suits all over the country. They need to apply more of this mentality to the rest of the constitution.
I'm still dancing!!!!
Pardon my ignorance, but can somebody fill me in on this situation, thanks.
:pickle::pickle::pickle::pickle:YUP you got it still dancing
I'm Still so Happy, I think I'll do a Jig too...

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sorry, I just get bored sometimes... :whistling:
"Buckshot it was a gun, want to be owner, that took it to the supreme court. He along with a couple others sued for their right to have a hand gun in their home in DC."

True it was a want to be owner that brought the lawsuit but when they lost the case in appeals court the anti's would have been better off dropping it there instead of appealing to the supreame court. They have dealt the anti-gun movement a near death blow.
true. it would have left it a local matter but you know other areas would have picked up on it and sued for the same rights. This way it worked out to be an all or nothing deal.

God Bless America
Just when you start to think things are going down, theres a glimmer of hope:pickle::pickle:
Welcome on board.
yeah i was very pleased with the pro gun ruling.the fact that it wasn't unanimous was a little upsetting but a win is a win.They (NRA)are filling more lawsuits now.california,chicago and hopefully NY
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