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super bowl

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Well the Saints go marching in!:w00t:
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Hey oliver, It's bae

Hey oliver, It's baesuce the maker of your theme has strangely decided to add a z-index (which does not always work on all browsers) in your theme. I cannot think of any good reason why they have done this for your #wrapper as that is the container for the whole of the site, but they have. To combat this, you can either remove the words z-index:20; from the theme stylesheet (style.css) on line 60. ORyou can add this line to the Add your own CSS section#follow {z-index:100}I've made it 100 so that it might combat other places where the theme developer has had a bit of a strange turn and used z-index again. regardsandy
gotta love the underdog
Ok Looooooooooooooooooved the game LOL I TOLD dh who would win LOL should of betted some money on it rofl
Yeah the New Orleans people really needed that morale boost from the Saints especially when there are still people trying to recover from Katrina.
It was a WELL DESERVED win :)
Happy for Bledsoe.. Still wish the Colts would have took it though..
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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