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Summer Deer

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Got 96 pics of ONLY does........1 pic of a coyote

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sounds like you need to find a better spot. I don't know what your terrain is like, but you might try fringes or fencelines that may funnel deer. An old trick that I sometimes use is to tie the top and bottom wires together to make an easy crossing in a fence. This will funnel them in to that particular crossing. Around here the bucks seem to stay in the timber a lot more than the does. good luck...and those are some healthy looking does.
I've tried one funnel....and all I got where does...Since we don't have all that big of a place (111 acres) the bucks could very easily be on the other side of the fence......
Love the second pic. Nothin like a doe lookin directly at the camera..... Good pics.
east texas droptine, i will trade you spaces. i will take your 111 acres you can have my 110'x25' lot inside a mobile home park. lol
those does do look healthy.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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