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Suggestions on a bow??

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hey, does anybody know if the Fred Bear Lights Out is a good bow or not? If not what is a good quiet bow?
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the best bow for you is the one that fits you and you like.No i dont know anything bout that bow.
They told me the same thing at the local archery shop today. I was looking at the Mathews collection and the service guy said whatever fits naturally and comfortably it could be a $300 bow or an $800 bow. I don't know much about bowhunting at all but I thought I'd throw that in here.
Fred Bear Bows have always been of high quality, good shooting bows by many bow hunters but like Joel and Timberghost said it's going to boil down to what YOU'RE comfortable with... Good Luck
OK I've been to the local archery shop again trying to get the right "fit" but all the bows feel the same to me. What exactly is it the you all look for when trying to get the "fit"?

The Fit of a bow is the way a particular bow feels in your grasp...
the way it reacts to your draw, How heavy or light it feels while you aim.
The overall length of a long bow may be a factor for some hunters while other hunters prefer shorter bow frames.
Production materials, frame designs, grips, camo patterns, axle types they all shoot arrows but one particular bow may feel more comfortable than the others, After you decide which Draw Weight is best for you and you get measured for your draw length that should narrow it down some, After you've narrowed it down, the most comfortable one is the one to consider.

The Bow I use is a 2006 Reflex Highlander I know most bows would work well for me but this one was most comfortable...
i prefer light weight and small axle to axle bows.if you hunt from tree stands the shorter axle to axle is easier to move around.have then check your draw length and go from there.remember your going to be holding it fully outstretched for long periods of time while shooting this will take a toll on your arm thats why i prefer light bows.ask to shoot a few some will vibrate into the grip and your hand arm shoulder ya get the picture?others wont feel comfortable while your pulling it back and other are just plain ugly the new hoyt in my opinion is butt ugly.:bag:
Have not heard of that bow, most Bear bows are very good middle of the road bows. The upper end bows seem to give you the most of the best. That is, smooth draw, fast speed, quiet, long lasting finish, excellent warrenty, reasonable resale value, miminal hand shock, and a 7-71/2" brace length. I shoot a Mathews it has been a great bow. I prefer solo cams.
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