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Okay well i was hunting last week on a stand near my house... i was sitting in the stand and across the creek i see a huge ten pointer maybe gettin in the 140's and i look back for a split second and i see a tail flicker... it was a eight point bigger than the ten i just saw... so he walks to my stand and i range him at about twenty yards i draw shoot and it goes right under his chest... darn... well in our county it is legal to bait so he took a few steps and walked right into my bait pile at ten yards i shoot him at a quartering away shot right in the boiler room i tracked him for three days couldnt find him i found lots of blood though but just couldnt find him.... i think i shot him just a little high but it was still a good shot

Did i do anything wrong?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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