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Stuff thats overpriced!!

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Just give me some garbage thats over priced so maybe before I do whatever that overpriced thing is I will remember what I have read here.

Here is my overpriced moment of the month. :crazy:

I hadnt got to see my kids much from working all the time so decided to take them to a daytime movie. (toy story 3)

$6.50 or so per ticket. Which that dont bother me. The kids are always hungry of course so told my wife just get us a drink and one of the things of popcorn to share and we will just go eat something good when we get out of the movies. No sense in eating a four course meal when we are only there for 2 hrs.

$33 later she shows up with 4 drinks and a bucket of popcorn. :green:

About $60 total and the kids would have enjoyed the drive in movie (which is considerably cheaper) or a fishing trip to the creek just as much.

That's Crazy
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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