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What onehorse says makes great sense. Fri and Sat last weekend where cold. Lot of buck movement during the day on those days as well. Its warmed up here the past couple days and the daytime buck sightings has dropped quite a bit. I have still seen some good bucks on the way to or from my hunting spot on the sides of the road through my headlights. Some on early morning and some right after dark. One dude was strutting across a side street like he was just out taking a sunday stroll. This was on an evening hunt where 5 of us where hunting in different locations. (2 seperate countys) Didnt see any mature bucks on any of the sits but seen awesome deer movement in fields and such after dark on the way home.

Its colder in TN this wed and thurs morning. I am hoping the daytime buck movement is up since the cold (30s) will last till midmorning instead of being 60 and sunny at 9am.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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