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My daughter just walked in the house and dropped a penny into my hand. I was aware they had changed the back on the 2010's, supposedly the first time since changing from the wheat stacks.

WRONG!! the 2009 was changed also. I dont know off hand what it costs to change currency, but I do know it isnt free and there should be a Da*n good reason for doing it. Large bills may have a more valid reason, but unless you are going to remove all suspect bills from cuirculation its pointless.
Changing pennies and one dollar bills is just plain stupid. nickles and dimes is hinging on stupid. I have taked 20 dollar bills back into the bank after retaining cash from my paycheck to have them checked because they were smeared. maybe our treasury dept should do the job they are supposed to be doing better and lay off the unneccesary currency changes.

I take that back, nickles and dimes are stupid too!!
and quarters, half dollars and for that matter any metallic curency. I dont ever recall anyone ever counterfitting coin, ever.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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