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still hunting advice

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hey guys i was just wanting to get some advice on still hunting and was hoping to get some pointers i usually use tree stands but i realized how inconvenient they can be youve got to worry about where you put it if the winds right to use the stand and if the deer your hunting sees you your tree is spoiled to feel comfotrable id need a stand on every tree lol any pointers on still hunting would be great thanks
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Well during bow season I ALWAYS stand hunt. During rifle, I take a different approach. I try not to sit anywhere longer than 2 hours. Then I get up stretch my legs a little and move to a new spot. All while keeping the winds in mind and glassing my property constantly. Now I hunt 250+ acres so glassing takes some time. I got extremely slow and make sure I walk behind trees and other obstacles that can hide my silouette. I do have a couple set ups for hunting out of blinds and one deer stand I built that looks over a bottom, but I don't hunt in those primarily.
Make sure if you "walk and stalk" you make your movements minimal and keep your sounds quiet. Every bit of movement you see in the distance, glass it b/c you NEVER know. Walk drawls alot, and slowly come up over the top of hills. Always watch fence lines well and watch for movement. I love still hunting but I also like throwing in a little walk-and-stalk with it. Like I said, I move around every 2 hours to a new spot.
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