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I agree with countryboy

What everyone has said is true: get up early, walk farther than the others and scout where you want to hunt. Public land is a great thing but can be difficult especially when there is a lot of pressure.

The only thing that I would like to add to countryboy's post is meeting the farmers.

In my experience if there is a small town near by then there is a bar. Go there to get some food or beer and just chat with the locals. At first some might be hesitant but there is always at least one that will talk your ear off. Buy him a beer and start asking questions. Do you know of anyone that would trade a weekend of hunting for a weekend of work?

This won't happen over night. I've been going to the area for 13 years now. Too many people, in my opinion, ask farmers to hunt on their land and don't offer anything in return. There is always something that needs to be done and your willingness to help will set you apart from the others.

I hunt if Western MN and have more land that I can hunt than I could possibly cover in one season. I did this by buying beers and always offering to help not matter what time of year it is. Soon you will meet other people and gain credibility by being around while other hunters are not.

Good Luck!
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