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Excellent advice+

got to get in the way back. say a mile in on public land is not unusual. head in earlier by head lamp. hunting is work and hunting public land is even more work. start looking for private land to hunt. check with friends, relative of friends, just knock on doors and ask permission. most landowners really just want to know whose on their land. if you ask a hundred people and only 5 say yes thats 5 more places than you had before. worse that can happen is they say no. be sure to thank them for their time and leave. this asking is best done before the season, early summer, wearing street clothes. good luck
The above is all totally good. Also consider Googling (or hit TerraServer) for an aerial view (free, of course) of the entire area of the public land you are getting depressed about. Check out all access points. Pinpoint the one you've been using. Evaluate the overall situation. Get the topographical layout (same source as above). Look at the blue lines (creeks) and the elevations. Evaluate the best locations to set up a hunt based upon likely deer trails, water, ease to get in and out, elevations and realize 90% of your hunters will not go deep and will leave early. Plan to hunt from dark to dark.

Then, well before the season, like now, get out there and evaluate the difficulty of getting in (in the dark) and out (with a deer), with or without a cart, if you hunt alone. After you have studied the whole situation, you will know if you should move to 'greener pastures'.

The suggestions related to private land are perfect: find a farmer who has a good woodlot and always offer to share the hunt. 9 out of 10 times your offer will be declined with a smile, especially if the farmer hunts. Remember that deer do alot of damage to crops, so most farmers will be open to thinning the herd.

The most important thing is not NOT GET DISCOURAGED. Be patient, out think your competitors in the hunt for venison and use the resources at your disposal intelligently - the TerraServer aerials will show you where the larger stands of likely cover are, then you will narrow your search for landowners open to hunting their properties. Scouting is critical to shortening the odds in your favor. Safe hunting, brother!
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