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starting all over again with .45 ACP

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Time to table mount the old Rock Chucker and start tooling up for .45 ACP reloads. bought a new Kimber .45 on Friday.(still waiting for 72 hours to pass so I can pick it up) hopefully the first on several .45s I will acquire in the near future.

building up brass reserves is going to be much more costly than I remember, WOW.
got 2 boxes of Winchester white to start with. just needed some ball ammo to break in with. but 22.00 a box? ouch!!

need to get carbide dies next, for straight wall cases I wont touch anything else.
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Which Kimber did you get? I have an older Custom Royal full frame with the Rosewood grips.
Get some new Unique and have fun...

I made a mistake about 20 years ago and followed my buddy's advise to use Herco instead of Unique powder. I am still using up that 8 lb keg of powder and wish it was filled with Unique. I loved Unique powder for 45acp. I guess I should have tried buying 1 lb instead of 8 lb first....

I got the Ultra CDP II.
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had to create a new one.


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