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Stand help

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Okay, i hunt pub land and the stands were use are GREAT stands but the game warden dont like them because of the spikes that go into the tree. some one who uses a stand like ours was given a 700$ fine for using them on pub land.

i dont want one of those tickets so i need to build a nother stand.

i want a hang on, one or two piece.

it needs to be light because i go deep in the woods sometimes a mile or more...

any pics or plans would be great.

thanks guys.
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Well im not expert on this bet I think you want a "chain on" design. Theres one called a Strongbuilt Renegade Chain-On Tree Stand that doesnt look like it has any spikes and looks pretty light.

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We use millineum tree stands they make a great lock on that is light a very comfortable and they also make a climber and a ladder stand.
i suggest a climber. here we are not allowed to put in any screw type stands or steps. so if you have a lock on you need strap on steps. add awkward stand with steps plus all the hunting stuff you need to carry and its a lot. with a climber you don't need steps and there is no screw to damage the tree. the wait of a climber can be less than the wait of a lock on with the steps. another thing you can move to another spot real easy. i use a keyed cable lock to lock the stand to the bottom of the tree then all i have to carry in is a key.
what stand we're you using that got you in trouble?I like summit climbers myself light and easy to use
I use one of these...

Its a gorilla self climbing. I hunt on public lands and these guys don't leave a mark at all. (well... maybe a little... but no holes.)

I bought it a coupla years ago at wal mart... if memory serves, I think I paid something in the area of 150.00. It came complete with a safety harness as well. It prolly weighs about 30 pounds, so its not too light, but it has backpack straps and I take a sled in with me. If I am fortunate, I can drag the game and stand out on a sled.

Hope that helps!
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