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squirrel hunting

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well today was my first day out with the intent to kill. Ive scouted this area out for the last couple months and decided i should start out with a nice small squirrel.....SOOO i got out around 7 and i tried working the land....:wallbash:OMG those squirrels :eek:wned: me (that smiley face holding the qwn3d sign representing a squirrel up a 30 ft tree laughing at me)...

ok soo i was wondering if anyone had any ideas tips or strategies for squirrel should i use any cover scents? can the little rodents smell you like deer can? can a tree stand help? should i wear full camo?
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are you bow hunting for them? bc 30 ft is in range with a shotgun. thats only ten yards.
are you bow hunting for them? bc 30 ft is in range with a shotgun. thats only ten yards.
yes i am bow hunting so when their up in the trees i cant get them on the little branches
oh i see, well i havent heard of any squirrel scents. Im sure a maskin scent wouldnt hurt
Bowhunting Squirrels is way out of my class(think it stopped after groundhogs)

umm,full camo should keep em from seeing you..Maybe go to one of there favorite tree's early and you might be able to catch em on the ground..
don't bother wasting an arrow, if your hunting deer and shoot an arrow at a squirrel then you may potentially spook a deer that was coming in out of your line of site. Besides shooting arrows up into the sky is very dangerous cuz you never know where it will come down.
Lot's of different animals make noise in the leaves so try and imitate these. In other words just don't don't hoof it strait and hard to your stand. Walk on your toes so you don't stomp your heel. A heavy sound will alarm them. Stop every so often I even walk on logs whenever possible. Creek beds make excellent paths as well. I try to be in my stand one hour before shooting time. This gives the woods plenty of time to settle down. If your hunting that stand in the afternoon you may want to pull back a couple hundred yards. You may be busting them. Also remember, things change this time of year. Your lack of deer may just well be due to the rut.
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