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Just wanted to rant worst spring ever.I wonder if my cabin washed away yet.:crazy::crazy::crazy:
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Yeah..we've gotten a lot of rain/snow and cold weather this spring. Last year the farmers had all their crops in a month or two ago. This year, they're not even close to being done.
Well, I certainly can't complain about the rain we've gotten today and earlier last week. You really can't complain about the rain when its the first rain you've gotten since spring . . . . . last year. What we've gotten just might get the burn ban lifted, for a day or two.

I sure hope that we get a few more inches of that liquid sunshine. While most other states are flooded out, we're still deep in a drought.

Feast or famine, drought or deluge. I'm sure that the Almighty has a plan for all this. Gotta keep smiling 'cause you'll go start raving bananas if you don't. Thought I'd add my $.02 worth.
heavy spring rains here, no farm fields will be planted for a while. This is the first time since 1979 that my crawlspace has had standing water in it.
same here rain all this past week, today & all next week tomorrow looks like the best day w/ small chance of showers
I can put a boat in and float were ever i want too
more thunder storms all around tonight. Brother-in-law said it's going down to 49* tonight in the UP of Michigan. What the heck, I thought we were in a world heat up according to Al Gore.
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