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Just bought a SPOT Satellite Messenger. It's a personal locating device. Sort of like a hand held OnStar GPS. It can send a 911 message to authorities in case of a serious emergency, or can send an "I need help," or an "I'm OK, just checking in" message in a cell phone text message or email form to friends or relatives, or it can be used to send real time locations back home or to friends every ten minutes that appear on Google Earth that can be viewed as a route and saved when I get back home. When it sends any message, it gives your exact coordinates. The whole thing operates off the satellite message system so it works where cell phones won't. A little insurance when I'm hunting alone, or when we are riding horses in the back country. Good for my wife when she has to travel out of town on business, etc. I feel safer already. If you want to check out the features try: Spot Messenger > Home
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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