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Spookin game in the woods

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This is a new product I came across that really helps me in the woods which I found at Any and every advantage we can get to out smart the deer works to our favor. I’ve seen these markers in the conventional style but have never these. This trail marker comes with a reflective arrow. I put the marker in the tree pointed in the direction of my next marker and follow the arrows to my tree stand. What I really like about these markers opposed to the conventional ones is that I’m not shinning my flashlight all over the woods trying to locate the next one. When I come up to my arrow marker, I know exactly what direction to shine my light to locate the next one. When you’re trying to get in the woods quietly and stealthy without spooking deer, the less I’m shinning my flashlight looking for markers the better chance I have going to my stand unnoticed. I also put two markers with the arrows pointed down to let me know that I’m at my location. They were also a good price at $4.99
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If you're in the woods the deer know it. They also make those reflective thumb tacks to shine the way to your stand. The problem is on public property the markers show everyone else where your stand is. On private property these may help you if you don't know the area very well. Just remember to remove anything you put there.
first post with a link. i would call it spam. but yes i do use the tack type reflecters. i just put em realy low on the trees. maybe only 6in to a foot off the grownd. this serves two perposes for me . 1. some one driving by looking for a hunting spot is much more likely to think it is just a soda/beer can on the grownd reflecting back. not a marker. 2. it alows me to keep my light aimed at the grownd when slipping into my stand before sun up, making it less likely to spook game with my light.
Agree HuntNH looks like spam I have hunted my area for so long I don't use markers just my gps just in case & my LED flashlite
looks like,,, walks like,,, sounds like... I'm moving it
personally no need for markers just a small flash light only got goofed up once and that was due to poor weather
I guess I am just real old school, I have never used a gps or any type of trail markers. ever since I was a kid I just took off in the woods well before sunup and always seemed to know my way back, never once had a problem. but I am one of those people who always knows what direction I am facing, no matter if I am inside a building or if its cloudy or snowing, its almost like having a built in compass. my brother is the exact opposite, he always marks his trails and still gets lost. but he shoots more deer than me
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