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Spin Feeder and soybeans...

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I was wondering what yall thought about soybeans mixing with corn in a spin feeder...the deer in my area have responded very well to the soybeans and I am not out there enough to keep the pile "going" - do you think it will be too small of paricles to put in the feeder for the deer to pick up??? Does anyone put pellets into a spin feeder?
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ETD, the soybeans should actually spin better than corn, being round. I don't see a problem for deer to have to scratch a bit for rewards. Its been many years since i ran a feeder but sometimes the grain wanted to keep falling out of the 55gal barrel past the spinner. I'm sure they have perfected that problem. Soybeans are probably higher in nutrition than corn which is really fairly low like 8% protien. Corn prices went very high here in the midwest close to 10.00/100 lb, how's corn in Texas. Right now the deer are feeding on neighbor's landscaping plants as feed is hard to get in the woods.
Here for a 50# bag it's about $6.50 - $7.15...the soybeans are about a dollar higher but I figure a dollar or so is worth it to have healthy deer...
HM the deer out here are so deep in snow that they are venturing close to homes with the landscape shrubs and bushes and eating them up.
Timberghost get a broom out and brush off your bushes dont make the deer work so hard :biggrin:
The deer are eating up my boss's landscaped yard and ticking his wife off. She no longer is against hunting.
man i love soybeans they're 1.99 for a little bag of roasted ones:thumbdown: maybe i'll have you send me one of those 50# sacks ETD:biggrin:
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