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special golden estrus or code blue

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What advantages does one have, if any, over the other?
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All I use is Special Golden Estrus. I've bucks that would run right to the stuff as soon the got a whiff of it. It's a good product from my experience.
These are the two I use in tandem to simulate two different does. Probably just a febal human thought, but that's how I do it.
I picked up a 4oz special golden estrus. farm and fleet had it on sale for 19.##.

I had a thought earlier concerning estrus attractants. I thought I might take one up to the 20' level for long range disbursement.
From what I've head, Code Blue uses the SAME doe for the whole bottle. Other brands tend to mix estrous doe urine and then pour into bottles.

That said,,, wal-mart was out of CB so I had to get Tink's estrous scent yesterday. Never tried it, but hoping it works.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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