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Nice pictures! Seems a bit early for it though.
yeah i was thinking the same thing??i have 4 other pics of these bucks on different days sparring??
Great pics, I have had bucks come in to rattle horns early season so I don't think it is to early. It's great that they do it right in front of the camera.
in this pic i caught this buck walkin down the logging road towrds my shack!looks to be a pretty nice buck!
Talk about walking right in! He looks to be a nice buck and that area you're set up in looks pretty good from the picture.
Hm, i hunt in the northern part of the adirondak mountains in n.y..its a nice spot my father inlaw ownes 487acres that him and i hunt on.but where i am is about 200yrds from a huge swamp and 100yrds from a big wild apple orchard and they are loaded with apples this year!! I'm nestled right in the middle.mixed hard wood and pine.
WF, While in PA last week the old apple orchard was nearly barren. They were hit with a late spring freeze and killed most of the buds. Acorn crop looks very good. Sounds like a dream hunting area in NY you got with some nice bucks. Family hunting, it just doesn't get any better than that! I did locate a few really nice rubs indicating multi-branched antlers. I'm set up on a natural funnel that separates two rock faces. I have a mountain stream to my south 100 yds and two laural thickets to my east & west. There must be 6 major travel paths converging into the funnel which is only 40-50 yds and necks down to 30 yds wide. The travel routes are all N to S patterns. I will be set up in the middle/edge of the funnel in 3 hemlocks for coverage/camo. This is only 30 yds from where I had an encounter last year with a nice 8 pt, but gives me a better control of the funnel.
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Sounds like you have a great spot as well!! Do you have a camera out there?you would be suprized what you got going by your stand!!
Yeah its alot of acerage for just 2 people but theres not much hunting pressure.i only been hunting there for 4 yrs now had a few chances to shoot a big one but things happen to fast and i wasn't ready lol.they just popped out and didn't stick around.ipreyyt set up this year i did some thinning and clearing so now i will be able to at least see them comming.
no cameras as i just don't get there much to view them. I suspose I could just let the camera run till it died and collect the card when I do get there and see what I've been missing. My son and I just went in together on a video camera to try and capture a harvest(s) and he has several cameras out down in S.Ohio at the college hunting area.
Cool pics.. Your blessed to have that much land to hunt with your father in law. Im sure your wife knows the only reason you married her was for the hunting privileges. :)
yeah, it does seem early.

maybe that's a good sign though.
I was talking with a couple hunters yesterday (Sept. 26th.) at a Flea market very trusted hunters not story tellers in the least, one of them saw 2 young bucks sparring on his way to the flea market around 8am.

Now along with Whitetailfever's pics this makes the 3rd sparring event i've already heard about this year. :w00t:
Now that I think about one of my other posts, PA is about 2 weeks early for the fall color changes maybe Mother Nature has another something different for us to figure out/see this fall. The September sparring just seems early, heck they should still be buddies prior to the pre-rut activities?
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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