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I have a drop camp for 10 guys in Illinois for 10 days of gun hunting . 3 days the first session, 4 the second. as well as 3 days of muzzle loader only season! 1,285 acres in one river bottoms all in one piece. You get every season !!! Not just one!

This is a property that will NOT BE BOWHUNTED!! Not one person will step foot on it until the first day of gun season 2010, after September 1st in that year. All hunting will be from elevated insulated tower blinds w/heaters installed. Maps of property, as well as trail heads bright eyed and flagged from main quad trail to each blind!!!!
There will be a 145" minimum on harvests, NO ANTLERLESS deer to be harvested in 2010, will reavaluate this in following years. Everyone must hunt from the blinds supplied, no hang on stands, ladders, or climbers for scent control reasons.... NO GUESTS allowed, no children to tag along even as spectators... Trophy hunting only.
Sub standard harvests will cost ya $$$$$!!
OVER 50 P&Y class deer, and 6 B&C class deer have been taken from this ground in last 15 years or so...
No guarantees, just a great place to hunt mature Whitetails in the Mid West...
For more information, details not included above, please email me at [email protected], i'll do my best to answer any questions you may have.
Thanks, Jeff
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