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Son's Ohio Buck

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This is a main frame 9 with an additional brow sticker.


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Nice deer and a great pic. Congrats to HM jr.!!!!!!!!
Yea that is one nice buck.. Congrats to both of you..
awesome ,so happy for ya both
Awesome deer right there... Congrats to HMjr!!!
Hey.. Thanks for the comments on the buck.. Scored 144 1/8, Now I just have to help get dad one that big!!
good job !!!!!!!

that awesome memory that you can`t ever buy at a mall .shopping for grocery`s in the great outdoor`s
Now I just have to help get dad one that big!!
Oh come on now, you're not a Miracle worker !!! :lol::lol::lol:

LOL just kidding HM, I couldn't resist grabbing that line..:biggrin:
Handsome buck.
Is that a TC Firehawk in the photo?
and it belongs to HM sr.
HM, I have one just like it. They really shoot great, trigger as good as any centerfire rifle I've owned. My only issue with them is the percussion cap is easily exposed to rain/snow in certain situations. I recently purchased a CVA Kodiak, so far it can't hold a candle to the TC as far as accuracy. But still trying to work up a good load. Taking a lot longer than my TC.
Happy hunting.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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