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I've been sittin' here since 3:00 am reading posts and drinkin'(coffee-HAHA), but this just popped into my caffeine laden brain, thought I'd throw it out there. I live and hunt in Illinois, and for years I have always found this hunting law we have to be strange, to say the very least. We have to use shotguns and slugs for deer hunting. Which is fine, I love my slug gun, especially with the high-tech stuff that's come out in the last 10 yrs or so. And I understand the population thing, you don't need rifle bullets flyin' around where pop's are more dense. But here's the deal. So you deer hunt in a spot for a week-end, you finish up Sunday evening. You put your slug gun away. But on Monday morning, it is PERFECTLY LEGAL to go right back to the exact same place you just deer hunted the day before and coyote hunt with a 300 Win Mag or whatever other high-powered weapon you want!!! Isn't that a kick!For the life of me, I will never understand that thinkin'. I know they probably feel that with more people in the field during a deer weekend it is safer, but there are people out there all the time, regardless. Thought some of you might find this interesting-
Have a NICE Holiday Weekend!!!
Tom L
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Considering the last 'famous' politician to come out of the state of Illinois, I wouldn't put anything past your state legislators . . . . . . <grin>

Maybe it's because there are way more active deer than coyote hunters and the deer/coyote hunting tactics are slightly different where you can't really do coyote drives and stalk coyotes like deer. IDK just a thought.
Yeah rader, you most definitely have a valid point there about our illustrious politicians. TG, your input on this makes sense, except when everyone is wearing blaze orange in deer gun season, you can see that orange for a mile, even in the timber. Coyote huntin' in camo, you won't know if someone is in the next piece of timber or not.
with the upgrades to shotguns and slug ammo I dont really see much differance,except for a much bigger chunk of lead going 150-200yds.scopes for shotguns,rifled barrels and sabbotted slugs that travel further and faster.I could understand it more back with older shotguns.26" smooth bore barrel with bead site and just chunkin a punkin ammo at 50-75yds at best.Its the same deal with the new MLs.I have heard talk that here in Fla. that there fixin to put a hurtin on the ML guys.Most will be stuck with a rifle they cant use anymore,because they have gone way beyond what was intended and the kill ratio during ML had gone way up
I couldn't have said it BETTER H-billy, when you put a rifled barrel on a shotgun, you no longer have a shotgun, now you have a 12 gauge rifle. And as far as the ammo being slugs,nonsense, these things are 50 caliber jacketed, either tipped or hollow point rifle bullets. The muzzleloader deal you talked about in Florida will probably happen, mostly due to the fact that the state biologists might be thinkin' that the yearly harvest is growing too rapidly, maybe due to the increased efficiency of modern day MLs. I know that many states out west, like Washington, for example, you could only have steel open sights(that changed to allow fiber optic) no scope, no 209 primer ignition, and NO SABOT AMMO!! And NO jacketed bullets, pure lead only. They say that by imposing these restrictions they can issue more tags for the "primitive weapons season". I can see that reasoning, lets more people have tags. But I think it also leads to more crippled and not recovered game too. Anyway, I like your take on the "slug guns"!!
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In Washington you are actually allowed to use sabots.
As in the past sabots are allowed. Any type of projectile is allowed.
The rest of what you say is accurate though. The other regulation is that the ignition source has to be exposed to the weather. Personally though I would prefer it if they did not allow sabots and did not allow in-lines either. Primitive weapon should be just that, a side lock, not a modern in-line that has been modified just enough to side step the laws. You can still use a modern in-line during "modern rifle" season, so it's not like you can't use it at all. You just can't use it during primitive weapon season.
chicago politicians!!!
That's why.
Ponder this

It is illegal to use any center-fire rifle cartridge for deer in Illinois. yet the DNR sharpshooters use rifle for the CWD program. And I would bet I am a better rifle shot that 99% of them. also, consider this. you cannot shoot deer with a .243 from an elevated position (shooting downward), but you can shoot squirrel using a .300 win mag a .270 a 30-06 or whatever you heart desires, shooting into the trees where the projectile is likely to travel much further down range than it would had you been hunting deer. granted, great consideration would come into play before a hunter would use such a rifle for squirrel, but we are not talking about ethics, we are talking about what is legal and can be done by the book in Illinois without question.
DVW, thanks for clarifying my facts about the ML ammo, I figured I might get part of it wrong. I have a brother-in-law who has lived in White Salmon(just across the river from Hood River) for the past 30 yrs, he told me about the rules governing the prim. weaps season a long time ago. I'm with you, but I would say make it entirely one way or the other way. Good take on the "sidestepping", changing an in-line just enough to satisfy the prim. weaps. rules. Good take by you too Predator, when it comes to tryin' to understand their justification about what weapon is ok for what. I see you are from Belvidere, is that up by the Wisconsin line?? I'm 20 miles east and a touch south of Joliet, then 17 miles from the Indiana line. But my deer huntin' is 280 miles south of here.
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