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Last week I was shooting my 280 Rem. at the range. Just wanted to use up some factory loads so I could use the cases to reload. I had my chronograph with me, and just for the heck of it, I decided to put some of the factory loads through to see what kinds of velocity they delivered. I never bothered doing this with factory loads in the past. I was shooting 140 grain Remington Core-Lokt bullets, nothing fancy. I shot the first bullet through the chrony, and couldn't believe my eyes when I read the velocity, but there it was - 2902! My handloads are usually NOT hot. I usually get about 2800 f/s, but I never expected that kind of speed with factory loads out of my 22 inch barrel with this caliber. After firing 10 rounds of these factory laods, the average speed was 2894 f/s. Anyway, thought you might be interested to see what this cxaliber can do... even with factory loads. What a sweet rifle and caliber!
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