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Some trail cam pics

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Thirteen deer in this picture.

Does fight too.

I think you could call this one a closeup.

Deer in a snow storm. We had 13 inches before it was over.
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awesome pics, it's cool to capture shots like the two doe's posturing. :thumbup:
Very nice.. looks like a deer farm in that first pic.

Wish you would have been around for the trail cam contest. Would have liked to seen if the 2 deer struttin their stuff would have won it.
Wow. Those deers on the photo look cute. Why would anyone want to kill them? It's pure evil. It's too cruel.
Because that's what hunters do and you have no clue what hunting is all about. Please try a different site, I would suggest PETA they will take your money for sure.
Good response HM. Every once in a while we do get one of these tree hugging bleeding hearts on here talking out of their ass about things they know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT. I quit trying to talk to these people many years ago when I finally figured out it was falling on deaf ears. They'll never get any of it.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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