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First got out there with 70gr Blackhorn209, cci 209m primers and some 385gr buffalo bullets someone gave to me. They load super hard but once they got past the last ring, the plastic ramrod seated the bullet on top of the powder :crazy:

No good at all! 5 primers later i was heading into the house to push that load out. Just no resistance at all.

I was going to pack up but remembered that i had a few tubes with the 360gr Lee Minies that i cast. They were lubed with Alox and so i figured i'd give them a try,

I could push them down the bore with my thumb, but they have a good deal more of resistance and they seated nicely on top of the Blackhorn.

First shot on a clean bore was off to the right. The next 3 shots showed me i may have a good load to try out one of these years on deer and elk.

This was only 50 yards. I will have to adjust the scope up a couple inches high at 50 and then try 75 yards with it.

I only have 10 on hand so i figured i'd try 3 shots in my CVA Accura at 50 yards with the 360gr Minies with 70 and 80gr charges and see how it does. Good heavy duty bullet thats for certain.

I forget if that bullet was recovered from 50 yards or 100 yards but either way, they mushroom great and are a good solid bullet for penetration. I do know it was fired with a 100gr american pioneer super stick. These bullets loved that load in the Accura.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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