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So I shot this doe last night through the stomach...

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...last night, this was at 7:00pm (Fri). I had to work today and I'm thinking I just gave the poor thing a slow miserable death. I had to work today and will not be going back until tomorrow night(Sun evening)

How long do yo figure it'll live shot through the stomach? My arrow was completely green with no blood at all. Man that's a sick feeling when you make a bad shot:mad:
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Man that stinks.. They can live quite awhile after a gut shot.. Im clueless as to what to guess though. Maybe by Sat mid-day.
me too

I did that too last weekend and I couln't find it. So I started reading about it and I gathered that a stomach shot needs at least 8 hours of down time I gave about 3. And yes it is a sick feeling.
well remember that feeling and take your time and aim better next least the coyotes are eating well.It happens to everyone eventually you got it out of the way early
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