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Buffalo radio station Kiss 98.5 recently held a fundraiser for Womens and Childrens Hospital of Buffalo, NY and had 50+ schools attempt to collect money for the fundraiser and winner gets a performance from a young musical act. Well the small town of Gowanda really gave it a run and came in #2. Competing against the larger suburban schools, the station said great things about the community of Gowanda and how they pulled together after the big floods and made a great effort.......................................................

Thank you Western New York, 57 schools collected pennies to win a concert with Justin Bieber at their school. The final tally: 15.2 million pennies or $152,000 raised to benefit the Kiss Cares for Kids Radiothon to benefit Women and Children's Hospital of Buffalo! The winning school is....Edward Town Middle School!
School Spirit 2010 Leaderboard brought to you by:

Final Leaderboard Tally (Updated 2/5/09)

20. Depew Middle
19. Transit Middle
18. Mill Middle
17. North Park Academy
16. Dunkirk Middle
15. Hoover Middle
14. Heim Middle
13. Immaculata Academy
12. Frontier High School
11. Notre Dame Academy
10. Kenmore Middle
9. Lancaster Middle
8. Starpoint Middle
7. Pioneer High School
6. Holy Angels
5. Nardin Academy
4. Orchard Park Middle
3. Amherst Middle
2. Gowanda Middle
1. Edward Town Middle School

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Whether they were in second or last place the bottom line is this,
they took the necessary steps to help where they believed they could
and through their efforts along with 56 other schools,
they all made a huge difference and I'm sure NY state is equally proud of each school that participated.
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