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My favorite dove load is 100 grains of fffg Goex black powder, a 1/4" card over powder wad, and 1 1/16 ounce of hard #7 1/2 shot in a once fired Federal paper hull that has been fully resized. These are primed with 209 primers and fold crimped for ease of loading in an 1960's vintage Lyman Easy Loader.

I use these loads in a 1913 vintage 12 gauge Stevens double barrel bored full and half choke. (Yes, the chambers mike out to 2.75") With the hot burning characteristics of black powder, a leather covered spring barrel protector prevents burns during fast shooting. All the fun and white smoke without handling loose power and shot.

Clean up is easy, with the water hose after take down. Rinse, bore brush, rinse, dry the outside and dry patch the bore. Then wipe off the breech face, outside and bore with Slip 2000 ( SLiP2000™ Gun Lubricants and Cleaners ) gun lube. Done.

Is it worth all the trouble to load ? Well, between the deep throaty boom and billowing white smoke, the doves fall often enough!

Yes Sir, that is a "Smokin' Dove Load!
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