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Smoked Venison

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Anybody ever smoke a hind quarter or have some recipes.
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Hey Spiker: I've been smoking all kinds of stuff for 30 some years, but never had much luck with deer. It's just too lean. After a good 24 hours of brining I totally wrapped the piece in bacon to try to keep any moisture in the meat, pin the bacon strips on with toothpicks. It still comes out kind of dry. The only cut I really cook is the backstrap, and of course burger, I use the crock pot for the rest(roasts, round steaks, etc.) Besides that, I make my own summer sausage, slim jims, jerky, brats, breakfast sausage, on and on, about 100 lbs. of that stuff every year. Sorry I couldn't be more help.
Thanks Tom that kinda what i thought i just wanted to make sure i wasnt missing something.Kind of sounds like more trouble than its worth being so lean.
Hey buddy, I don't think you are missing a trick, I think it's just the nature of the beast. I've tried injecting marinade(Creole Butter&Garlic--my favorite) into the whole thing too in hopes it would juice up the insides, but that really didn't make a whole lot of difference. The big problem, besides being so lean, is that you use a "slow oven"(low temp for a long period of time) which really dries your meat unless it has good fat in it. What I have done though, is "cold smoke" them, and they come out fairly good. You still brine it, and can inject it as above, with the bacon, but then cook it hard and fast in the kitchen oven at 350 to 400? Somewhere in there, this eliminates a lot of the drying, then in the smoker for just like a good 2 to 3 hour blast of dense smoke. They come out pretty decent using this method. I also use this method on turkeys and they come out great. Hope this helps.
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