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Smoked Venison

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Anyone know of some good recipies for Venison in the smoker? I have made some smoked meatloaf.... your thoughts?
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I put a recipe on here about a year ago (or maybe 2) of a deer ham I smoked.

Mine didnt turn out great because i simply put a little to much lemon peel on it.. I had it wrapped in bacon and the whole nine yards.. Spent all day cooking it and had to doctor it just to make it edible. Never will I use lemon peel again.

Here is my next recipe im gonna try on my next deer ham. Ive used it several times on regular hams from the store and it turned out awesome. Ive posted pics of this one before but cant find it either. Ill try again soon.

4 oz of brown sugar
2 oz of garlic
1 oz of orange peel (or zest)
1 oz of pepper (black)
1 bottle of maple syrup

Mix everything but the maple syrup in a bowl and rub all over ham. After its smoked for about an hour lift the lid and add a layer of maple syrup. Pour slow so you dont wash off your rub. After that anytime you check your fire add a little more maple syrup. I would add it about every hour and half or so. Makes a nice sweet burnt crust layer on the outside. I could eat just the crust for hours.

Hope this gives you some ideas.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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