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smoked tenderloin or venison backstrap

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:yes: I slice open (length wise, not all the way through) a pork tenderloin, put cream cheese (about size of finger) and sliced jalapno pepper in length wise cut. Wrap bacon strips all the way around tenderloin and hold in place with toothpick. Smoke with favor wood for 5-6 hrs. at 225 degrees. I spray with spray bottle, mixture of 12 oz beer, 12 oz vinegar, and 4 oz LIQUID onion juice, about every 30 min. This is very good.
I plan on using vension backstrap next time it should be just as good.
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man that sounds yummy im gonna try that. do you have to do anything special to smoke it?
smoked veneson

I don't know why but this sounds delicious!

I was wondering what kind of smoker is the best?

I have never smoked anything before!

Is it hard to gut a deer? Do you have to gut a deer? I read that you do not have to gut it. The meat is on the outside of the ribs so we just skin it and cut the meat off the top? Is there a step by step photo instruction somewhere on the forums? Does anyone have any recommendations of the best knife to use? A filet knife? which kind?

Any pros in here? I am a newbie to deer hunting and cooking!
(been waisting time fishing my whole life)
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Whoa there's alot of new and tasty menus coming in here I'm pumped about trying these recipes out. 777 on YOUTUBE.COM there's alot of information about the whitetail deer and hunting in general. Just type in "deer hunting" or anything deer related and you should get some good vids. They have it all from gutting,skinning,butchering,packaging, and cooking. As for you being a newbie to deer hunting I'm glad that you've entered the deer hunting world. It's a great place to be and there are many seasoned hunters here to guide you along.
I live for backstraps. I wish each deer had like 6 or 8 of them. 2 per deer just doesn't cut it anymore. Backstraps,bacon and montreal seasoning go together well on a grill.
montreal seasonings goes on everything these days .i love that stuff
We're guilty at our house of using Montreal Seasoning also. It's very American like Hot-Dogs and apple pie. :wub:
It's made by the McCormick Co. of Maryland which began in 1889, I'd say that's VERY American. :thumbup:
I'm a HUGE fan of "Made In America" products. :pickle: :pickle:
I agree with the Made In America motto as I drive around in a Toyota 4X4. (Hey - At least there assembled in America!)

"Made In America"...mmm MIA.
Last post not very fitting to the thread. The first times I used Montreal I put too much on. In excess it's hot and too overpowering. A little is just right. God I love backstraps.
Montreal seasoning is great. My youngest daughter (6) finds it too peppery. So, i make a milder blend by mixing garlic powder, onion powder and just a bit of black pepper. She likes that.

I'm trying to slowly break her in to the spicier stuff.
I just wrapped the backstraps from my buck and this recipe is all over them. I can't wait to try it.
That recipe is absolutely great! I also sliced up a sweet onion and put inside. Cooked it on the grill at the cabin (food always tastes better at deer camp).
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