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slug or buckshot

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for 20gauge
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slug,welcome to the site you dont need to post the same question in multiple spots,it will get answered
I would stick to the slugs. Buckshot is great if the deer is 25 yards or closer, but I wouldn't risk it. I have shot 2 coyotes with 00 buckshot and it performed okay.

It's illegal to use buck shot in many states, so make sure you definitely know you can use it where you hunt. Or just use a slug.
Shot is for birds and burglars. Take aim, squeeze---1 shot / 1 kill. Too many deer are wounded by shot. Personally I don't like it and feel it should be banned. I am referring to buck shot.:no:
if you decide to use buckshot, i highly suggest getting tips from other people who use buckshot as the central medium.
and personally, if you are hunting from a bow stand anyways, go with buckshot. i like it simply because it will completely obliterate the heart cavity, while at the same time you don't have to worry so much about things 50 yards behind your target like you would with a rifle or slug.
i have personally witnessed guys successfully taking 100 yd shots with slugs out of a mossberg 20ga. i doubt 00 buckshot has that type of range. being from ohio where you can only use shotguns i can't see any reason to use buckshot over slugs why give up the added distance you gain with slugs? also, if your barrel is rifled use sabots for the best consistent grouping. just my 2 cents! good luck
Slugs are the way to go. Buckshot is only effective at close range limiting your number of potential shots. The only timebuckshot has an advantage over a slug in in dense heavy cover and I try to stay out of that type of cover because it is a recipie for disaster with people shooting at moving bushes that they thought was a moster buck. I have seen and heard too many stories of deer limping by with wouds and legs hanging to want to use buck shot. Besides buckshot is a gamble to you don't know where it's realy going to hit. I prefer practice with slugs so I know the shot has a high percentage chance of hitting where I am aiming. The smartest shot sometimes is the one not taken it saves on heartbreaking tracking with not deer at the end. The picture below is of a buck I shot this year he went about 75 yards in about 20 seconds and hit the ground dead. Double lung shot with 20ga hornady SST slug.


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